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Electric panel wiring - 2008-06-16

I still need to bundle some of the newest wires, otherwise it's a pretty clean setup.

Cockpit speaker installation - 2008-05-30

The S2 9.2C's cockpit makes for some interesting compromises for installing electronics. Fortunately, it's easy to install great-sounding speakers.

Tachometer for Diesels - 2008-05-29

Electrical System - 2008-05-22

Of all the boats I've sailed on, I think Bay Retriever has one of the cleanest electrical installations possible on a boat. Most of the work was done by the previous owner, but here's why I think this works best.


Free electronic charts - 2008-06-20

Information on downloading free, official NOAA charts without being bombarded by ads.

Motivation - 2008-05-30

When it's winter and you're stuck doing all that interior maintenance you don't really want to do.

S2 9.2 Performance - 2008-05-22

Information on the S2 9.2, including polar diagrams and my observations.

Rafting Guide - 2005-05-31

Tips and etiquette for rafting up, courtesy of the Pentagon Sailing Club.


Bay Retriever's Freshly-rebuilt exhaust - 2010-04-12

Following last season's overheating issues (and a hole in the mixing elbow), it was time to tear things apart. Here she is reassembled and re-coated in Yanmar Grey.

Replacement companionway sliding hatch - 2009-08-12

Tips on how to match the original curve from S2 for the sliding hatch

Easy tank installation - 2009-01-26

As an alternative to cutting an opening for a new tank, here's a new product from Vetus.

A Bad Evening - 2008-06-03

Please inspect your standing rigging.

S2 9.2 Rudder - 2008-05-29

In 2005 I noticed significant blistering on my rudder, and rust stains visible from on the shaft. The 2002 Survey report indicating moisture in the core suggested there was probably some level of damage to the steel inside, so rather than risk a higher bill repairing the existing rudder I had commissioned a new one. As a result they needed an accurate drawing of the rudder. This is as good as I could get.

General information

Information from the 1984 S2 Catalog on the 9.2C - 2008-06-03

Information from the 1984 S2 Catalog on the 9.2A - 2008-06-03

9.2 Engine repower - 2008-05-30

Courtesy of Ed Vorbach on the S2 Owner's group on Yahoo, information on repowering his 9.2A.