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Cockpit speaker installation

For most electronics on the S2 9.2C, there's no good place to install them in the bulkheads. Just about anywhere you can think to drill a hole, there's no way to hide the wires in the back. Fortunately, in the cockpit backrest, underneath the traveller is a nice-sized box (helps the speakers produce good tones) and a great place for speakers.

I installed a pair of flush-mount speakers on the upper outside portion of the cockpit backrest. Since I usually sit with my back along the side rather than the aft of the cockpit, I'll rarely be against them anyway, but if I do, they're hardly noticable.

After deciding where to install the speakers, crawl into the aft cabin, remove the access panels and make sure there's nothing in the way. One particular consideration is the depth of the speaker - cut the holes too low and the back of the speaker may bump up against the top of the access panel.

After measuring out how far up, down, and in you need to be, take the measurements up to the cockpit, transfer the measurements, and trace the template for the speaker cutout.

Now it's time to cut.

First, remember that fiberglass is bad for your health, and you will be creating a lot of fiberglass dust. Wear old clothes, cover your skin, wear gloves, and absolutely wear a respirator and eye protection.

To make my cuts, I drilled holes inside the template with a bit large enough for the reciprocating saw to fit in.

Remember that the flange on the speakers will extend beyond your hole, so things don't need to be perfect. Still, though, you want a tight fit.

After drilling the holes, cut along the circle. I chose to cut inside the lines, figuring I could trim it out fairly easily.

After cutting the holes, I took a Dremel tool and ground out to the circles.

After the holes are cut, dry-fit the speakers. Next, mark the location of the screw holes. I levelled the speaker, drilled the first hole and started the screw, then drilled the next three once I was sure the speaker wouldn't jump around on me.

Finally, connect the wires, run them out towards the starboard side of the cockpit, into the bundle of wires around the bulkhead leading to the engine room, and to wherever you choose to install the radio.

My stereo will be mounted along the aft end of the passageway, in the panel aft of the nav table, near where the steering cables exit the pedestal. This is slightly inaccessible, but very waterproof, out of the way, easy to wire in, and if you're using something with a remote control it's not a problem anyway.