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Ed Vorbach's experience repowering his 9.2A
From: on behalf of Ed Vorbach
Sent: Fri 5/30/08 3:11 PM

Sure Rob - I actually plan to have many words on the subject. Thinking of writing a piece to Good Old Boat Magazine. Actually a 2 parter - first part is how my old engine self destructed a few years ago coming back from Canada and replacing it with the very same model engine from a derelict around here, but I digress!

First off - the 9.2a screams re-power. My mechanic's words not mine. There is so much room in there it isn't funny. Most times - you have to stuff the engine back in a hole - not with the 9.2a. It's so accessible.

When I was researching this in the first place, I wanted to see what else was out there. Most 9.2a's have a 2GM15. Some 2GM15F, which is just the fresh water cooled version vs. raw water. Saw a few with some QM's and one 3GM30!. Based on that initial research, I knew fitting a new engine would not be a problem. Turns out that there is actually MORE room side to side than there was with the old YSM12 since that was a horizontal piston and very fat. This is taller, but not enough to cause any issues.

Motor mounts were replaced and my mechanic custom made brackets to fit the existing stringers which were still S2 quality good shape. Just filled the old holes with epoxy and drilled new ones a little further forward. Moved the engine forward a little to accomodate the dripples stuffing box (very nice). But still plenty of room. Very accessible for maintenance.

What is surprising is that a 3 cylinder is so small. It's just not that big. We could have gone with a bigger one - but that would have really been overkill.

The new engine comes with a 60AMP alternator so I am about as set with that as I need to be - even after I add the extra 2 batteries and assorted junk. (probably never will do refrigeration unless it gets a whole lot more energy efficient) Maybe a low power cooler. The old alternator was only 30 amps and that got me by. This is going to rock.

I have a web site, but haven't put anything up for a couple years. Just never get around to it. I supposed I'll do something with all the pics I have. I have old engine pics. Shots without the engine, shots with out the engine after I cleaned up the engine compartment and painted it white (wow). And post intallation all good to go. Quite the metamorphisis.

I tourtured myself on the decision, but once made - went all out. Just splashed last week and only been out once in dead air so I had to motor all the way back to my hokme port - about 3 hours which turns out to be a good thing since I needed engine hours up front. Can't begin to describe the performance difference and the quality of life difference. I can hear the stereo! I can even have conversations with folks in the cockpit!! Wow. Very quiet and smooth with minimal vibration. A real pleasure.