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RE: [S2Yachts] 9,2A TACHOMETER

There's a cheap digital tachometer you can get called Tiny Tach I think.
There's a little transducer that fits around the fuel injector pipe and a
digital readout. It costs about $70. When I had the boat surveyed she
maxed out at 3117 RPMs under load, the Tiny Tach showed 3114 at max.
Accurate enough, and best option i found available for the money.

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>Subject: RE: [S2Yachts] 9,2A TACHOMETER
>Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 16:03:29 -0400
>I have the same panel setup but the hole is filled with an hour meter, not
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> Subject: [S2Yachts] 9,2A TACHOMETER
> Any 9.2 owners out there with a tach? I have a panel
> with a pull stop, buzzer, start button, key switch and
> 3 warning lights. There is a round opening for a tach
> and wireing for it but the gauge is missing, perhaps
> it was an option when the boat was made.
> Anyway, I'm looking to replace the tach and wondered
> if anyone knew the Yanmar part or model number.
> DK