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Replacement companionway sliding hatch

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Sent: Wed 8/12/09 10:56 AM

I replaced the compound curved windows on my 23 last year. The windows were made of plexiglass but I'm sure lexan could be bent the same manner. I made a simple box form with several cross ribs cut to the shape of the window and used a shrink wrap propane torch (large burner) to warm up the plastic so it could be bent. I was fortunate to have access to the shrink wrap torch, but I think a Coleman propane heater may also work. I left the protective layer in place and just warmed the plastic to the point it would start to bend, while constantly moving the torch. My first attempt was too hot and caused the plastic to sag between the cross ribs. I found it was better to use a little pressure to guide the plastic to the form. The pressure would also help you blend the curves. With a little practice, I was able to bend both windows to a near perfect fit. Once the bends were complete, the protective paper came off with no trouble.