Bay Retriever

S2 9.2C #146

Bay Retriever preps for 2019!

Racing Results
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Racing Results

Member, CBYRA, PHRF of the Chesapeake Bay, US Sailing

Primary club: BCYA

Sail No. 93253

PHRF Rating 198 (S2 9.2C SSAS RF)

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2010-09-22 Bay Retriever wins her 12th race of the season

Although a little early to the line, Bay Retriever hardened up and shot off to an early lead. The wind quickly dropped off, though, and she was a little slow to react as she was quickly rolled by Merritt, and nearly by Believe as well.

After a few adjustments, we went from struggling to hold 4 knots to maintaining over 5, and started clawing away at Merritt's 150 yard lead.

On the first reach, Merritt sailed high while we aimed right for the mark. On her first gybe, Merritt was ahead of us, but by only 50 yards. She gybed back, sailing high again, and on her second gybe we covered, now overlapped as we approached the mark.

Slowly we worked our way ahead of Merritt, who continued to attack during the entire 15 minute leg. In the end, we crossed 14 seconds ahead, taking the gun once more. With handicap, we won by a minute 40.

2010-09-15 Although the race was abandoned, Bay Retriever demonstrated great speed, keeping up with the fleet upwind and crushing her competition downwind.

On a night with a good breeze forecast to drop to 0 by midnight, Bay Retriever had a great start, but soon found herself crossing tacks with a boat that rates 39 seconds/mi faster. We rounded the weather mark just behind Believe, then sailed a little deeper with a poled jib while she stayed a touch higher. Merritt wasn't too far behind, but she chose to sail hot instead of wing on wing.

About halfway through the leg we'd passed Believe, and she decided to try Merritt's approach instead, heating up and separating from us. We rounded the leeward mark in first, with Merritt a hundred yards behind. On the final beat into the finish, we tacked to cover Merritt each time, sometimes gaining, sometimes giving up a little, but maintaining our relative position. Our speed was never much below 2 knots, but the race committee, sitting in a giant hole, decided to abandon.

2010-07-29 Bay Retriever takes her 8th bullet in a row

Facing off against her closest competition of the season, Bay Retriever had a great start against Merritt. We held her off upwind, rounding 50 seconds ahead of her. Although she threatened us downwind, we maintained the lead, and on the final leg we pulled ahead to finish over 2 minutes in front - of a boat that owed us over a minute on handicap!


Bay Retriever is pulling out all the stops in getting ready for the '08 Harbor Cup this Saturday, October 25. He bottom is set for a Thursday cleaning, her instruments will be tested and calibrated throughout the week, and new hardware is being installed - new winch, new bow light, etc. She'll be racing in the PHRF C/D class, though with the current forecast and predicted course at best she'll be able to use the asymmetric for a few miles.


Bay Retriever fought hard, extending an early lead as she started in 6 knots of breeze, but as the wind dropped to 4 the lighter Catalina 27 pulled away. Despite closing the gap on the downwind leg, the Catalina won, leaving Bay Retriever in 2nd of 4 boats.

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