Bay Retriever

S2 9.2C #146

Bay Retriever Final 2018 Launch Preparations!

Racing Results
Offshore races

Racing Results

Member, CBYRA, PHRF of the Chesapeake Bay, US Sailing

Primary club: BCYA

Sail No. 93253

PHRF Rating 198 (S2 9.2C SSAS RF)

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Bay Retriever came out for a beautiful Tuesday evening sail, with a steady 10-12 knot breeze. She performed well, even passing a PHRF B boat upwind, and took the gun, securing her first win of the year.


Bay Retriever's start time is 6:40 EDT in tonight's race. Follow along as she tries to beat the Catalina 27 that's been dominating the fleet this summer.


After a brief hiatus and a bottom cleaning, Bay Retriever showed great speed both upwind and down. Unfortunately, some tactical errors cost her an early lead, but we held on to 2nd out of the four boats that raced.


Bay Retriever got off to a late start but showed good upwind speed in her first race of the '08 season, beating a Cal 39, but overall finishing 4/6.


Bay Retriever is signed up and entered in the BCYA Tuesday Night series non-spin class! Though she sat out the first series for maintenance, the old girl is primed and ready to go for her first start on 17 June 08.
Check back frequently for position updates during races and series results as they happen!

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