Bay Retriever

S2 9.2C #146

As of 2020-11-29 15:19:53:

Depth 7 Winds 181 at 9 gusting to 0

Last high tide 6 feet at 2020-11-29 11:07:24, low tide 6 feet at 2020-11-29 11:07:24

Bay Retriever takes first!!

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The Bay Retriever is a center cockpit, aft cabin sloop built by S2 Yachts in 1978.  Originally commissioned in 1980, she entered an extended lay-up period in the mid '90s for repair and rebuild.  Launched again on 8 July 02, her mast and new rigging, including a Harken Mark III Unit 1 Roller Furling unit, StaSet X halyards, and replaced electric wiring, were stepped on 30 July 02.  During her delivery from Deale, MD to her home port of Baltimore, MD, on 1 Aug 02, she averaged 5.1 knots under engine for eight hours.  Finally, on 4 Aug, she was formally re-commissioned as the Bay Retriever.  Since then, she's undergone more maintenance periods, including minor blister repair, an engine repower, complete electronics refit with RayMarine es75 MFD, i70 instruments, and EV100 autopilot, and more!